Our vision 

Dance unfolds its beautiful and aesthetic effect through precision, elegance and harmony of both dance partners.

This requires good dance technique and a good body awareness for both dancers.


We pay particular attention to what is neglected in many dance courses: In our courses we provide a good basis that allows complex and demanding figures to be built on it. Patience pays off in this case, because even simple step sequences and dance figures appear much more graceful if they are carried out precisely and with the right sensitivity.


The harmony between two dancers arises through a good connection, but also through technical security and expertise. We keep both, followers and leaders, in mind and attach great importance to getting both of them into their personal best!


At least as important to us as the technical skills is the joy of dancing, which we want to pass on to our course participants.


Our course concept

Our beginners classes consist of 12 lessons of 60 minutes each. The group remains constant so that all participants are at the same learning level.


Our class groups are relatively small. This means we can respond individually to each person and their needs. Our dance lessons are very intensive, but at the same time no one is left behind and there is no shortage of fun!

Our focus is also on the followers, who get their money's worth in our classes and workshops, both technically and with lots of tips and tricks, just like the leaders.


The intermediate class follows on from the basic course and is ongoing, meaning you can start at any time. The prerequisite for participation is good basic knowledge. In this level we work on the subtleties and technique of individual movements and step sequences and learn lifting techniques, new step variations and figures.


Our course offerings focuse on Kizomba Fusion. This means that we teach the Kizomba basics, in which harmonious and round movements dominate; hip movements play a big role in this. With this foundation, various other styles can be easily learned later, e.g. Urban Kiz, which requires less use of the hips.


Last but not least, dancing is personal development for us. In addition to technique and style, we give our dance students a new, good body and self-perception and support them in their transformation into radiant, self-confident dancers!